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Illahee Update 1/22/12 Auction Continued, Snow Pictures, High Tides, Egg Sacks, Illahee Preserve Snow, Brush Picking, Eagle Food

January 23, 2012
Auction Continued. The auction of the Timbers Edge remaining properties that was scheduled for this past Friday has been continued to February 24, 2012.  We know of at least one person who was there on Friday to see what was going to happen.  We will let you know the details of this auction as soon as we get them.

Snow Pictures. We received some nice pictures of birds at a suet feeder we want to pass on.  If you have some nice pictures and want to share them we will pass them on.  We are hoping someday to have a picture section on the website, and are waiting for someone to manage it.

High Tides. We are in the middle of a week of high early morning tides.  The tide on Saturday wasn’t supposed to be that high, but with the rain and wind it proved to be the most destructive of the season.  One person lamented that they had a nice log wash up this past year and they tried to anchor it down with two spiral anchors only to have it and the anchors washed away during Saturday’s high tide.

Egg Sacks? We took a picture of what we remember as the egg sacks of a frilled dogwinkle.  Because of their resemblance to oats, they are sometimes referred to as sea oats.  We thought they were more of a spring time occurrence, but maybe not in the Sound?

Illahee Preserve Snow. Not much of a noticeable impact to the Illahee Preserve from the snow and wind this past week.  There were a few small trees down but the most picturesque was the moss on the snow.  We also noticed someone had plowed the Almira parking lot and want to thank them.

Brush Picking Tape. We were told the brush pickers have been in the Preserve and lots of pink tape pieces have shown up in the brochure box at the Thompson Lane parking lot.  We found several pieces of orange tape on our trip through there on Saturday.  If you see brush pickers please call 911.

Eagle Food. We saw three horned grebes at the Illahee Dock on Wednesday while cross country skiing.  These seem to be especially vulnerable to our bald eagle population.

Jim Aho

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